A Time Management Plan – 6 Easy Steps

A Vital Component in Internet Marketing

Time management is key whether you are marketing websites, services and products for others or for yourself. Your income and earnings will be related directly to your ability to work with and manage time. The more contacts you make and the more interest you generate, the more money you should make.

Time management is an important component of becoming a profitable and successful internet marketer, it is important to maximise your daily time management. Here are 6 easy steps to get started.

1 – Brainstorm

Before diving head-first into work, take time to brainstorm and develop a list of required internet marketing tasks. Decide what is to be done for the day. What is to be marketed and advertised today? Is your website or blog to be updated? Have you some articles to be submitted to article directories? Do you need to buy advertisements on similar websites? If so, list these items.

2 – Prioritise

Once there is a list of tasks, create a detailed schedule or to-do list or. To start, prioritise. If you are working for yourself, as opposed to a client, there is more freedom. It is best to start with internet marketing tactics you know will work. As there is less risk, your work and the energy you put into it should pay off. It is “safer” to submit articles to article directories than to use Twitter to generate clicks to a website.

3 – Set Time Limits

Create a detailed schedule and use blocks of time. For example, 9am to 10am can be used for writing and submitting a blog post to your own or someone else’s blog. This  one hour to complete the task does apply some pressure, but a time limit can also serve as a source of motivation.

Keep an eye on the time
Tempus Fugit

Create a detailed schedule and set aside specific blocks of time. For each task, allocate a time for it to be completed. Initially, at least it will not be particularly accurate but experience will you’re your estimates to be more accurate.

4 – Stay Organised

Those who are disorganised often have poor time management. And, those with poor time management are often unorganised. To improve your time use, get organised. Ensure you are working in a tidy and professional environment, even if you are working with a laptop at your kitchen table.

5 – Know When to Outsource

Outsourcing is not the preferred method of internet marketing, as it has a cost which at least in the early days could be impractical. However, it is likely there will come a time where you fall behind or feel overwhelmed. This is when you should outsource. Outsourced projects do not need to be large. So, even if you only hire a writer to write one article for directory submission, you will still be receiving much needed marketing help.

6 – Don’t Waste Time

One of the biggest time wasters when working as an internet marketer is the internet. This seems ironic, but it is true. There are millions of things to do on the computer and online and it is easy to become distracted and waste time. Set some rules. For example, do not check personal email, do not communicate on instant messenger, do not play computer games and do not surf the internet unless it is specifically work-related. The internet is a great source of entertainment, but not when you should be working.


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