Creating a Weekly Schedule

Do you work from home? If so, your ability to manage time is important to your success. When marketing a website where you sell a product, service or display affiliate links, traffic can translate into cash. So, the more you market the more money you make, but you must make good use of your time.

Time Management

There are many approaches to improve time management. Some rely on to-do lists, others use desktop calendars, time management software programs, alarm clocks and schedules. Each of these approaches is useful, but a weekly internet marketing schedule may be more beneficial.

Keep an eye on the time
Tempus Fugit

There are hundreds of ways to market or advertise a website online. It may be desirable to implement each of these steps, but it is impossible to do so in one day. That is why time management is necessary. It allows you to work effectively and produce quality results, which should translate into income.


The first step in creating a weekly internet marketing schedule is to decide how the schedule is to be made. Three of these options are, by hand, in Microsoft Word or Notepad or with a spreadsheet. Each method has its pros and cons.

Create a Schedule

When creating a weekly schedule by hand, everything is written on paper. This means there is an increased familiarity with all the items on the list. It will still be needed for reference, but many people like to see their own handwriting.

When creating a schedule in Microsoft Word, it is typed and not written. This is good if you have poor handwriting. If scribble a schedule on a sheet of paper, you may later be left wondering what it all means. You should not have this problem with typed schedules and to-do lists.

When creating a schedule in a spreadsheet, you have access to one of the greatest organizational tools of all time. Spreadsheets are designed to help with organization, so your schedule will be organized. Typed documents are easier to read and reference than handwritten ones.

If you opt to create a weekly internet marketing schedule by hand, you can create a list or a chart. A list may be easier. Start with large headings for each day of the week. Underneath each heading, write a task. For example, do you want to write five pages of web copy on Monday? If so, add that underneath the day’s heading.

If you opt for creating a weekly internet marketing schedule in Microsoft Word, you can also use a chart or a list. When opting for a chart, you are inserting a table. Have five columns for each day of the week. You can have as many rows as you want. The more tasks you intend to complete each day, the more rows you need. Hit enter to make each row larger in size. Enter in your daily tasks or print and handwrite.

If you opt for an internet marketing schedule in a spreadsheet, you are provided with less freedom. This does, however, make creating a schedule easier. Once again, create a total of five headings in each column. This is for the days of the weeks. In the row, type in what tasks you want to complete on each day. Your list may look unproportioned if your to-list is longer on certain days.

When using a spreadsheet to create your internet marketing schedule for the week, you are limited on space. Large columns will result in multiple pages, which can be difficult to read. So, you can use abbreviations.

There are many ways to create a weekly internet marketing schedule, no matter what your preferences. Remember, a schedule gives you more time to market your website, as you have a guide to follow. More marketing can translate into more money.

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  1. Great article. Thank you for sharing. Time management is extremely valuable in business. I don’t believe anyone can be successful without strong time management. So, it is good to read this article to get some ideas on the element.


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